Sunday, March 27, 2011

I can't think of a title.


So remember in the earlier post, I told you how I was going to a movie night with some of the tennis girls for 'team bonding'? And how I said they didn't really seem like the type of people who I would usually hang out with? I was wrong. We didn't even watch a movie. During the 6 and a half hours that we were there at Taylor J's house, we talked. We talked about everything. Boys, ghosts, death, life, everything, and we all shared stories. After the night, I realised how cool and funny these girls were. Not all of the tennis girls came, but for those who did, I felt so much closer to them than I did before. 

We ordered pizza from Benitos and one of the captains went out to buy icecream. The thing I remember the most about the night was that we had a long talk about death, and then ghosts and creepy dreams and when the parents of the girl's house whose house we were at came home (Taylor J), Sarah looked towards the door and said there was someone there and at first no one believed her and then Taylor J said, "Actually... there is." and then the next thing I knew, everyone was screaming. And then when her mom came into the kitchen we all screamed again. It was hilarious.

Well, I have to go back to writing out my lab for science class. I think I'm definitely going to die next year when I take almost all advanced classes. I'm not sure if it even will be worth it. But we shall see. That's all for now. Buh-bye.  
Anything interesting been happening to you guys? 

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Elisa Kate said...

lol, that is sooo funny! I would have totally freaked out. xD Sounds like you had fun! I am glad you made some friends on your tennis team. :)

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