Sunday, October 17, 2010

when the autumn leaves fall


when the autumn leaves fall,
i want you here, by my side,
watching the cosmic stars
spinning in motion forevermore.
we'll make wishes and create
dreams of fireflies above our head
spinning magic, magic, magic 
in the air.

when the autumn leaves fall, 
we can sit here by the shoreline,
feeling the waves crash onto our feet,
your arms around mine, 
watching the sunset,
rays of crimson and orange. 

when the autumn leaves fall,
let's dance outside in the rain, 
you and me. 
playing in the rain, 
feeling them fall down upon our cheeks,
while we, slowly, are falling for each other.

but most of all, when the autumn leaves fall,
there's no place I'd rather be, 
in your heart.


Eye-shuh said...

Aw how cute. What a perfect feeling. :)Beautiful.

YAM said...

good luck in finding her..

rosanguyen said...

Your sister looks adorable in that yellow dress. I love and miss fall. Its already Spring in the OZ.

Regan said...

Such a lovely post. :)

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