Sunday, September 12, 2010

So I'm loving high school...


except for the homework that I'll be receiving now that the week of lecturing has ended, and it's time to do some real work. And also the heavy books that we have to carry, and having to deal with stupid people who just stand there in the middle of the hallway, or people who walk way too slowly. 

But other than that, I'm loving being to see and talk to all of my friends, being able to see him in the hallways sometimes (we don't have any classes together:/), and all the hot guys (eyecandy!) who walk by in the hallways. ;D

So this weekend: 

Friday - was soooo tired! Had to march in our first game of the season. We played Bad Romance, Bad, Hurt So Bad, Go Daddy-O and Bad Medicine. I mean, I was so tired after the show that I didn't even have to listen to Mr. Sushi before going to bed. Yeah. That's real tired. But we were great! I mean, it's not a football game without the band! :) 

Saturday - Spent the day at my friends sisters from another mister's house. We walked around in the rain, watched funny movies, and shouted at the TV while watching college football (we got way too into the game.)

Sunday (today) - Gonna just chill

Yep. Sounds good. That's it. 


Tori said...

Haha! We gotta watch football together again. That was just so funny! :D

Kay said...

Mr sushi? :D

I love walking in the rain... it sounds like you had a fun saturday. :]

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