Friday, September 3, 2010

Chicago [:


I don't have a post planned for today so I thought I'd share with you guys my best shot that I took from when I was in Chicago two days ago. If you wish to see the rest of the photos, you see them through Facebook (you don't need to sign in or log in and you don't need an account) and see the album there, or you can view my Flickr photostream, because I don't want to "photospam" you guys with all 36 photos in a single post. Plus, I'm too lazy to do that, you know. So yeah, shoo, shoo! Go see the photos! :] (The photo above is available for order if you're interested, btw.) That's all. ^_^

OH! Btw, before I forget! Today is his 16th birthday and he just got his driver's license today too. ^_^ Not that you would care, but just thought I'd share this with you guys, since this is my blog and I can do whatever I please. :D


rosanguyen said...

Congrats to your friend :O

And I wish I can explore big cities. :(

adriana said...

MAN that is an insanely sweet shot you took of Chicago. I am terrible at taking pictures at night. Did you use a tripod?

Hadhafang said...

Beautiful shot darling. :)

Do did you think about my offer? To go picture taking together? I'll be in AA for a weekend in early November, but we can get together before then too, if you want! I can pick you up and we can traverse around and take photos/exchange tips/have lunch/coffee etc. :)

Let me know what you think, okay?

Hadhafang said...

I added you on FB so we can talk more there. :)

Hadhafang said...

I sent another friend request. XD Haha.

Tori said...

Happy birthday to him. And see you at school tomorrow.

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