Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This Is My Title. (;


Fact: I hate Four-Goal Soccer. That was the game we played during P.E. today. It's like soccer, except with four teams and all you're doing is running back and forth between goals. I like fitness days so much better, because I'm hopeless with team sports.

Great. Now I'm going to be all sweaty after school every day.

I can't wait for next Wednesday! That's when we're going on the field trip to D.C! Unfortunately, I have to wake up at like, 3:00am because buses leave at four. I've never waken up that early since... NEVER!

Oh! I think I forgot to tell you guys something! Last week we took our Chapter 7 algebra test and I was the only person to get a perfect 100%. How cool is that? (: Yes, yes, I know I'm a nerd. But that's totally a good thing!

Here are my grades so far:

Algebra: A - 102%

Social Studies: A - 95%

Language Arts: A - 101%

Science: A - 99%

Band: A - 100%

Phys. Ed: n/a (We shall wait and see for this one.)

I love you guys!


Leona said...

What amazingly high grades. :P

rosanguyen said...

You have amazing grades. I haven't seen my grades like that since .... year 7-8. AHAHAHA Its all "i cbb" since then. AHAHAHA

Moodswing Darling said...

haha, those justin bieber's are awesome :')

Tori said...

Ha! Four goal soccer... I hate that game too. They even want you to go to every goal! Have fun in D.C and be sure to take pictures for me!! :D

Ariella said...

Those pictures are HILARIOUS!

And here's an award, by the way...

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