Thursday, March 18, 2010

"No, I am not interested in a 5 month subscription to Homes & Gardens magazine."


One thing I hate more than the immature people at my school are telemarketers. In fact - one just called me a minute ago asking me about our cable service or w/e. He started begging me to buy their product & I just hung up. It's like dude, no one likes telemarketers okay? So in honour of that, I am going to post a few funny things people like you and me said or did to those annoying, annoying, annoying people who we call telemarketers.

Telemarketer: Hello, are you currently happy with your long distance service?
Person: Oh, I'm sorry, we don't have a phone. But thanks for calling.

Telemarketer: Is Clyde there?
Person: No he died.
Telemarketer: ...Oh I'm sorry.
Person: No it's okay, I killed him.

"I gave the phone to my 5 year old sister and told her that they want to hear ALL about her day. They never called back." - Anonymous

"I remember hitting on this telemarketer who was a female. She insisted that I switch to their company, while I asked for her number so I can switch to HER company. She hanged up after 5 minutes" - Anonymous

"This one day I pretened to be some creepy guy who broke in and murdered the family. She kept on asking if I wanted to buy a magazine though." - Anonymous

"What would Jesus do if a telemarketer called during the christmas feast?"

- Random Person

*I got all of these on a Facebook group called Abusing Telemarketers. It's where people like you and me share their funny stories about how they abused their recent telemarketer of the day.

**Leave a comment below telling me about what you did to a telemarketer or a story that you want to share about this topic . (:

P.S. Today was a half day of school because we have parent-teacher conferences. 2 and a half day weekend! :-) I gots to make some plans, like now! Alright - gonna go make some lunch. Thanks for listenin'!


Leona said...

I'm afraid I don't recall a story. XD

2 1/2 day weekend? Awesome, then!
We don't have classes anymore~
Haha :))

Kay said...

HAH love it! x]

telemarketers are fun to mess with :]

rosanguyen said...

I just hang up.
Its a lot easier. AHAHAHA

Tori said...

I've got to be there when the next telemarketer calls. I want to freak them out! :D Tell my little sister Sophia I said hi!

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