Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Place Forgotten

(#3: Make someone smile.)

{image © SpyKate//deviantART}

There is a girl across the room;
her face is covered in a mask.
She once knew of a thing called happiness,
a place she has forgotten.
In her childhood, she knew of this place...
this place called Happiness.
But reality clouds her vision.
No smiles are left.
Now all she has,
is a simple, plain, mask.
But who knows?
Maybe you can help her remember...
that place called happiness -
just by giving her a smile;
maybe she will smile back.
Who knows?
You might find her there again someday...
that place we all know as Happiness.

1 comment:

Leona said...

Because when we smile at someone, we can never know that maybe we're changing their lives forever :)

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