Friday, December 18, 2009

This Christmas...

My mom owns a little shop at a weekend market. She sells hair accessories, jewelry, rings, & lots of shiny stuff. Tomorrow I am going to the market to help her friend who also owns a shop there & I have the chance to earn $100 this weekend. I guess I'm pretty lucky that I have the chance to earn my own money and stuff. All I have to do is help the lady sell stuff and watch her things - now that Christmas is drawing so near. It's going to be pretty busy at the market (Gibralter).

I really wanted to sleep in this weekend but that's not happening now. But for $100 it is worth it. People keep asking me what I'm doing for the holidays. I'm not sure yet. Just chill. But I wonder if I have to babysit Sophia too? That would suck. Well...

OK, today in school since it was the last day before Winter Break, we cut snowflakes in Algebra, created Snow-people in Science, Did riddles & scavenger hunts in Language Art and pretty much talked in Social Studies. Then we had to watch this movie called The Princess Bride during SSR. Why would you even buy that movie? It was horrible; I almost died. HORRIBLE! Then we had to watch an old musical called The Music Man in band; it was pretty much torture. They couldn't go 5 minutes without singing? Really? Get it right - the only musicals I like are Broadway musicals.

For my birthday I got iTunes gift cards and $100 from my parents. I still can't believe I'm 14. I don't really feel any different... hmm, maybe age really is just a number.

I need music suggestions from YOU guys now! Would should I buy with $25 of iTunes gift cards? I only have $18.76 left because I already bought some songs...

In other news:
Getting ready for a lonngggggggg day tomorrow (at the market). Have to get up at 10 tomorrow and going home at 10. Then 10am - 8pm on Sunday. There's nothing to do at home, really, so I might as well go and earn some cash. (;

For comments:
  • Tell me what you are doing for the Holidays; otherwise, leave the most random comment you can think of!


Happy Holidays,

P.S. Check out my Youtube channel; I have some videos of me playing the flute and piano (although I'm not really good). For the link to my channel, go to the sidebar. Leave a comment there or something.

What's on your Christmas list?


adriana said...

music suggestions, well, what type of music do you mainly like?

and i'm doing absolutely nothing for the break. the only major thing is just trying to survive through my family issues :/

the randomest thing on my mind -

adriana said...

RE: hmm. okay, well, if you like Beethoven, then I'm assuming you like piano pieces:

*Of Japan by Port Blue
*Dolphins and People by J. Ralph
* basically anything from Port Blue


*Dancing in a Minefield by Plushgun
*Just Impolite by Plushgun
*Miss You by Feeder
*anything by The Fray
*anything by The Killers


*anything by La Roux
*anything by Lady Gaga [of course]
*anything by LIGHTS
*anything by Owl City [of course]
*anything by Family Force 5

Christian [if you like this type of music]
*anything by Leeland [i highly suggest their music]

i hope this helped! and sorry if it didn't.


Rosa ;) said...

I'm not sure what sort of music you like, but I do have a fair idea, though we both have unique musical taste I don't think I have many to recommend.

- Going to country coast for 3 days,
- Boxing Day Shopping
- Sydney's World Class New Year Celebration
- Class Party
- Going north to go to the "Gold Coast" not sure if you've heard of it but yeahhh theme parks galore.


Kay said...

music suggestions... hmmm :]

the morning light (I like "brand, new, friends") , the ready set, show me the skyline ("I can't explain it"), breathe carolina (I really like their new album), a day to remember (their new album "homesick" = EPIC), every avenue, forever the sickest kids ("believe me, I'm lying"), the friday night boys ("that's what she said"), heyhihello! ("don't quit! not quite!"), a rocket to the moon ("baby, we're invincible", "not a second to waste"), stephen jerzak (definitely if you like nsn!)

haha that's a longish list :D

Ebony said...

I'm going to a beach for a week, and taking my doggie. And my friends are planning various outings. And I'm finally having a birthday party :L.
And general Christmas celebrations.

Tori said...

u r so lucky u get to earn money like that. Trust me if i could do that i would all the time. (I love money :D )

Anonymous said...

the princess bride is awesome!

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