Friday, July 31, 2009

Candy In Colour

You do not know how ecstatic I am now that Confessions Of A Candyholic has been reborn. During the days after I accidentally deleted my blog (I am so so sorry for being so ... so ... me!) I have realised that you guys mean so much to me. I love that during the one year that I have started blogging, I have met so many great people and friends. Readers and bloggers whom I have been able to connect with. What followers? Oh, you mean Friends? (:
And I am so grateful for that.

It doesn't matter if you have 3 follwers or 3 hundred. It's that feeling that someone, out there in the world, is listening. Listening to what you have to say. And that's why we blog. That's why anyone who ever blogs, blogs.


It's great to be back.


P.S. And to everyone who had me linked previously, don't forget to change it to the new URL! (:


Lexi Williams said...

Haha. Don't worry, I mess things up WAY to often too! I once had this REALLY awesome full moon pic that I accidentally deleted. I tried everything to save it, but in the end, it went bye-bye :(.
THX for getting another blogspot blog. So much easier to follow!
LOVE the layout!

Lexi Williams said...

OMG! I just realized it's almost August!!! I feel like it's still June! Time goes by WAY to fast! I'll by 14 in a little a 4 months! So will you!
-A Happy Person

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Just wanted to tell you my new blog address:

Love the new layout

Caroline said...

hahhaa i'll add you to facebook.


adriana said...

glad you're back! i love the new layout and blog! and i love the songs on the music player! Journey is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! and i agree with you Lexi, time has just flown by!

and if i had an extra black bow, i'd totally give it to you ;)

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